About Nielsen Social

Nielsen provides the most complete view of consumer trends and habits worldwide. Nielsen Social is the leading provider of social TV measurement, analytics and audience engagement solutions for TV networks, agencies and advertisers. With social media transforming the traditional TV viewing experience, Nielsen Social aims to help the industry measure, understand and act on the activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter. 

Nielsen Social identifies, captures and analyzes conversation on Twitter in real time for every program aired across over 250 of the most popular U.S. television networks, including Spanish language networks, as well as over 1,500 brands. Nielsen Social uses this data to power Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence, our Twitter TV analytics and engagement platform, and Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, the first-ever measure of the reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter.


Nielsen Social By the Numbers

90+ Number of TV Networks, agencies, and advertisers rely on Nielsen Social for Twitter TV analytics and engagement
about_2 250+ U.S. TV channels captured by Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence

+/- 3 Hours - Nielsen Social capture window for Tweets about live TV programming


Number of TV programs analyzed by Nielsen Social in 2013

990M Number of Tweets captured by Nielsen Social in 2013
about_6 36M people in the U.S. tweeted about TV in 2013
84% Percent of smartphone and tablet owners that say they use their devices as second-screens while watching TV at the same time
about_8 40% of U.S. tablet and smartphone users visit a social network while viewing
8.5% The increase in Twitter volume associated with 1% increase in
TV ratings
50X Audience seeing Tweets is on average 50 times larger than the authors who are sending Tweets
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