Nielsen Twitter TV API Suite



Nielsen Twitter TV APIs power the next generation social TV applications for tablets, mobile devices, connected TV apps and set top boxes.

Deploying the most comprehensive Twitter capture service in the market, Nielsen Social collects Tweets for over 250 U.S. television channels defined by Tribune Media Services television data, then cleans, analyzes and maps the data to linear TV. Delivering streams of de-duplicated, comprehensive Twitter data in real time, Nielsen Twitter TV APIs create unlimited opportunity - through rankings of the most social programs, comments and audiences to program affinities - for developers to create new ways to tap into the growing Twitter TV phenomenon.


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Guide API

Real-time Twitter-powered TV Guide for U.S. television, providing a ranked list of TV programs for every local cable/satellite system generating the most Twitter activity.

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Streams API

Real-time, curated Tweets from the audience and over 30,000 TV stars, athletes, network and program Twitter accounts for every program airing across over 250 TV channels.

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Social Stats API

Real-time Twitter activity metrics for a TV program (Uniques, Tweets, Tweets per minute, Top Hashtags).

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Most Re-tweeted API

Ranked list of the most Re-tweeted audience and cast messages.

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Audience API

Real-time ranked list of the most followed users and most engages followers for a TV program.

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Meta Content API

Meta content for thousands  of TV programs and sporting events including official websites, Facebook fan pages, YouTube pages, and more than 30,000 Twitter + TV accounts (programs, cast, teams, athletes, etc.) and official hashtags.

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Recommendations API

Recommended programs for more than 6,000 TV series based on the sharing behavior of more than 30 million unique Twitter users.

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