Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence

Twitter Audience Snapshot

TV networks recognize that Twitter is transforming TV back to what it was always intended to be: a social, communal experience.  That’s why 90+ of the largest TV networks, agencies and Fortune 1000 brands rely on Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence to…

  • Engage with Twitter TV fans in real time
  • Identify program influencers and emerging trends in real time
  • Measure the impact of organic and paid engagement with TV audiences
  • Deepen their understanding of TV audience viewing behavior through TV, movie and brand affinity metrics
  • Access industry standard Twitter TV reach metrics to make ad buying and selling more efficient
  • Make in-flight adjustments to live programming and advertising initiatives through better, immediate understanding of audience sentiment around characters, plots and brands
  • Analyze Twitter TV data on a program, series or network basis over time and track progress in network or relative to competitors
  • Drive audience tune in

Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence data is available via API, in multiple streams and formats. Please contact us if you would like more information about the SocialGuide Intelligence API suite.


Affinity within NSGI

In addition to identifying, capturing and analyzing conversation on Twitter about every program across over 250 of the most popular US television networks, Nielsen Social also tracks Twitter conversation about over 1,500 brands.

Nielsen Social uses this data to measure affinities between TV audiences and brands. Agencies and advertisers use affinity metrics to incorporate social signals into the TV planning and buying process. Networks use affinity metrics for ad sales research, program research and marketing.

Affinity within Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence enables advertisers, agencies, and networks to:

Assess the likelihood of a TV audience amplifying a brand message. Assess the potential of a specific TV audience to drive earned media for a brand.
Identify the TV audiences that are most likely to tweet/retweet about a brand or brand category. Identify which brands have the highest affinity with a TV program/network audience.
Know the likelihood of a TV audience tweeting about brand competitors. Evaluate how affinity between a brand and TV audience changes following a campaign, sponsorship, or integration.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Affinity within Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence.

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