A Single SOlution

For Social TV Measurement

Social Content Ratings includes social TV measurement, advertising solutions and engagement tools to help media owners, agencies and advertisers maximize the impact of cross-platform program marketing and advertising strategies.

TV Measurement

Our social TV measurement from Nielsen complements traditional TV measurement in order to maximize insight and utility for clients. Evaluate social performance of TV and streaming programs during linear airings and on a 24/7 basis.

  • Cross-platform

    Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Owned Effectiveness

    Analyze engagement with network, program, and talent properties

  • Platform & APIs

    Sydicated, on-demand, and custom data sets


Twitter activity for 2,000+ brands is measured on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week basis in order to deliver insights that can help maximize earned media driven by TV campaigns.

  • Affinity

    Find TV audiences likely to amplify brand messages on Twitter

  • Effect

    Measure earned media on Twitter driven by TV strategies

  • Social Segments

    Optimize social ad buys with social TV segments

Nielsen's unique measurement process captures social TV activity comprehensively for linear TV episodes and on a 24-hour-a-day 7-day-a-week basis. Syndicated reporting is available for original programs from the most popular TV Networks and over-the-top streaming providers.

Linear TV Schedule

TV data from Gracenote signals when program episodes air across linear television. Our dynamic system adjusts what terms are tracked when an episode is airing live and when it's not airing in order to deliver precise program measurement around the clock.


Independent Methodology

The Nielsen process creates an evolving set of terms to measure activity for every original program airing on TV and from over-the-top streaming providers. These terms include official hashtags, organic hashtags, program names and handles, characters names, and talent names and handles, which are tracked selectively over time based on program airtimes.


Direct Data Access

Nielsen has direct relationships with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that enable delivery of geo-bound social TV data for each market, including the U.S., Australia, Mexico and Italy. Audit procedures are in place to ensure the standard of quality the industry trusts Nielsen to deliver.

  • Instagram

Standardized Metrics

The metrics delivered in Social Content Ratings are standardized across social networks and are designed to adhere to the social media measurement guidelines created by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Total activity is measured in full and broken down into original "authored" content, such as Facebook posts and Tweets, and "engagement" with that content, such as comments and Retweets.



Introducing the First Standardized
Third-Party Measurement for Social TV

Our Platform


Network research teams and agency planning teams can measure and rank the total amount of social activity for programs across social networks.

Real-time Engagement

Social media teams can analyze Twitter TV activity and engage with influential fans as programs air live. Production teams can also curate social TV content for on-air use in real time through APIs.


Ad sales teams at networks and planning teams at agencies can help advertisers identify which TV audiences are likely to drive earned media for a brand or category.

Social Effect

Advertisers, agencies, and network ad sales team can measure earned media on Twitter driven by TV campaigns.

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